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About the Grouse

With over 30 years of experience in the field of antiques and everything utterly stylish, our founder Jo Chalabi has always had a sparkle in her eye when it comes to the most fabulous pieces that she can find. Always picking the diamonds (or pearls in our case) in the rough, she breathes new life into each and every piece she picks up and turns it into something fabulous and hopefully a piece that will find its way into your life and home.  

Jo Chalabi, our charismatic and oh so classy owner,  is well versed in fine art, antiques, as well as designer handbags, and her passion for antiques stems from her artistic and sharp eye for design.  Come in, and explore what we have to offer, and let's see if we can dress you up to be as fabulous as our lovely Grouse in Pearls!

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